I wish someone would ask me

For some time now opponents of local natural gas development in Quebec have said with low gas prices it’s not economic.  Ergo we shouldn’t develop it. It begs the question: if it’s really not economic to develop, why spend any time or effort opposing it? With their days work done, why don’t they just grab… Continue reading »


Just do it or just stop it

When a Nike ad on TV says ‘just do it’ I usually think maybe I should get off the couch.. After our Utica discovery, the oil and gas industry said ‘just do it” but people weren’t too motivated. Instead the forces of ‘just stop it’ had a field day with us. The Quebec Oil and… Continue reading »


Hidden influence

The Quebec Commission recently published a report on lobbyists. One of their key recommendations is based on an idea out of the blue: the idea that everyone who lobbies is a lobbyist.  The Commission exposes that the very same people, who constantly repeat how industry has dozens of lobbyists, are living in glass houses.  While… Continue reading »


I remember

I have not been so nervous to make a speech in more than twenty years.  I remember my history, my ancestors, and my passing.  The weight of all I remember as a Canadian faced me, as I sat to give my testimony, in the Red Room of the National Assembly. The figures in the painting… Continue reading »


Poisoning the earth

Le Devoir reports that a group of Quebec environmentalists wrote a letter to provoke Michael Binnion on the occasion of the Quebec Oil and Gas Conference. I am blogging on it so consider me provoked. They accuse my industry of wanting to poison the environment. They then say that their accusation is based on the… Continue reading »


The Fifth Annual QOGA Conference

People are always asking me what’s going on with oil and gas in Quebec with the clear expectation that the answer is probably not much. Surprisingly quite a lot is happening in Quebec. The response to our annual conference from industry insiders is testament to that. We have a stronger line up of speakers than… Continue reading »


French in 30 days

I learned French in 30 days. Well not really. It’s probably fairer to say I’m still trying to perfect my English. Over two years ago I embarked on a tour of Quebec to give translated presentations on our industry to what was then quite a hostile population.  Unexpectedly these presentations, while emotionally draining, were surprisingly… Continue reading »


Quebec Energy Policy

The Quebec Government announced that it will update its energy policy. Public consultations are already underway. The Government also announced a commission to study ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We welcome the Government’s announcements. The discovery of huge amounts of oil and natural gas in North America created a new energy paradigm the whole… Continue reading »



The question ‘would you live by a gas well’ is designed to be a ‘gotcha’ question. The presumption that oil and gas people who obviously understand their own industry best, would therefore never live by an oil and gas well.  It is another example of the gross misunderstanding our industry has allowed to perpetuate in… Continue reading »


Alberta Farmers Tour – second time around

A group of Quebec farmers just left Calgary on Thursday to go back to Quebec.  This was the second tour organized by the Oil and Gas Services Association of Quebec and while some things were the same, other things were very different. Last year participants said their impressions had changed a lot but they weren’t… Continue reading »

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